Intelligent Power Generation is an advanced technology development company, pushing boundaries in two specific markets:
Ultra-low emissions technology,
enabling electrification.
High efficiency solutions delivering
more from finite resources.
We create commercial demand for environmental solutions by developing economically sustainable, emissions reducing technologies.


IPG have developed an innovative, patented micro-turbine that can be used as a highly efficient electrical generator, or a ground-breaking transport tool.

The Challenge:

The Opportunity:

Transport & Power contribute:
of global emissions
High Efficiency:
up to 45% more efficient than
market leading technologies
Ultra-Low Emissions:
up to 94% lower emissions than
market leading technologies

The Challenge:

Transport & Power contribute:
of global emissions

The Opportunities:

High Efficiency:
More efficient than market leading technologies
Low Emissions:
More efficient than market leading technologies

THE IPG Journey So Far

IPG started with a simple question. Why is micro-power generation so inefficient?

Our idea, to re-evaluate what was known about technologies, and see challenges as opportunities.
From this idea came innovation: a dramatically different micro-turbine for a new generation of environmental solutions.

We designed, developed, and patented our concepts, pursuing opportunities to deliver the greatest impact.
& Testing
The prototype is being built, tested, and proven in Q2 2018.

Our high efficiency, emission reducing technologies are primed for the transport and power industries.
Refinement and final integration
will start soon.

Our products will begin to hit the market from 2020.