In power generation, efficiency is everything. The more efficient a technology, the lower the costs, the lower the emissions, and the higher the revenues.

IPG’s modular, multi-fuel, turbines provide a step-change in micro-generation efficiency, but also operational capability. Our modular design permits maximum power output even in the event of individual unit failures, dramatically reducing downtime. With our innovative design and material choices we have driven down maintenance requirements, reducing costs and minimising risk of failure.


Off-grid power solutions for use in an evermore challenging energy sector.
High efficiency, thus lower fuel costs.
No requirement to build expensive grid connections.
Ability to operate on existing and future fuels.


Increased fuel efficiency allows you to increase installed capacity from the same gas volume.
More electricity, hence higher revenues from your fixed gas reserve.
IPG turbines can operate on gas of up to 50% lower quality (lower energy density) than conventional gas engines, extending the lifetime of landfill sites.